Top cop alerted to ‘rising tensions’ on Sydney’s Scotland Island

It started with a neighbourhood spat over dogs and unflattering Facebook posts.
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Now a Sydney judge has alerted the Police Commissioner to “rising tensions” on Scotland Island in the city’s north and warned the dispute has “escalated out of all proportion”.

In a bid to quell discord on the Pittwater island about 30 kilometres north of Sydney, home to a population of roughly 1000, District Court Judge Judith Gibson suggested the police might be able to use their “skill and expertise to defuse any potential future difficulties”.

Judge Gibson is just one of the city’s judges who has been asked to rule on long-running legal feuds between Nader Mohareb and his neighbours Matthew and Annette Palmer, among others.

Mr Mohareb kicked off defamation proceedings against the Palmers in 2014, after Mr Palmer shared a photo on Facebook of anonymous posters on the island about Mr Mohareb’s King Charles spaniels.

The costly case was settled but has spawned a string of related cases, including one dispute relating to the deletion of an apology on Facebook.

Mr Mohareb has also sought repeatedly to prosecute Mr Palmer himself for alleged perjury under an obscure section of the Crimes Act. /**/

On Tuesday, Judge Gibson said “something must be done” to end the escalating hostilities on the island, accessible only by boat, and questioned whether the police might intervene “to ensure that the residents of Scotland Island can use public facilities such as the roads, car park and ferry without impediment”.

She said she was “greatly concerned” by statements Mr Mohareb had made that he was being publicly vilified and it was “a matter of life and death” for him, whether or not the statements were “fact or fanciful”.

“This litigation is not resolving anything; the situation is simply getting worse,” she said.

“Scotland Island is a small, isolated community of families with children who all have to use the same public facilities for travel and activities outside the home.”

She again refused to give Mr Mohareb permission to prosecute Mr Palmer. And she also rejected his bid to have Mr Palmer referred for contempt of court proceedings over a scuffle in a car park in which Mr Palmer allegedly called Mr Mohareb a “c—” and Mr Mohareb’s glasses were knocked off.

She said the men were “largely equally to blame” for the altercation, which included Mr Mohareb shouting that Mr Palmer was a “criminal”, and said that Mr Palmer was not trying to intimidate Mr Mohareb into dropping an appeal in a related dispute.

Judge Gibson said the case was “difficult” to determine because of the way it was conducted, noting Mr Mohareb’s “loud voice in the course of this application led to complaints from an adjoining court about the noise”.

She said the referral to the police was “for the benefit of the wider community of Scotland Island” and not an endorsement of either party.

A NSW Police spokesperson said: “Police are aware of the judge’s comments and will work with community members on Scotland Island to help resolve any potential conflict.”

Mr Mohareb is also suing Fairfax Media, publisher of The Sydney Morning Herald, over a report in May last year.

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There’s a way to avoid the winter SADs and it starts at home

How to style your home for winterThe pros and cons of winter spent at homePreparing your garden for winter
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As the weather cools down, so too does our desire to be out and about. But with hibernating during the cooler months, a little sadness can kick in.

“Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is also called the ‘winter blues’, and is a type of depression that tends to occur for people in the more dreary, cold and dark months,” says psychologist Marny Lishman. “The symptoms are the same as depression: low mood, unmotivated, oversleeping, and overeating for some people.”

Getting outside is one of the best things you can do to avoid getting SAD, but on the days when it’s far too grey and cold, there are ways to hibernate happily at home without succumbing to the winter blues.

“Coming into winter it’s important to get your home ready for a hibernating period, mainly because you will spend more time indoors than any other time of the year,” says Justine Wilson, director and principal stylist at Vault Interiors. “Due to the cold and shorter days, your home should feel inviting and comforting, a haven and a nice space to rest.” Pretend it’s not winter

Winter can feel like a distant memory when you’re tucked up at home, and this can be good for your mindset.

“Rug yourself up and try to mimic summer in some way within your home,” says Lishman. “Do everything you can around the home to make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be, whatever the season.”

Of course, nobody wants high electricity bills, so think about how you can create warmth while being energy conscious. Wilson suggests: Large rugs and runners for cold floors and hallways.Cosy blankets and throws in your bedroom and living room.Thick curtains to keep the cold out.Use your winter doona to help you feel warm without turning up the heater.

Tone down your winter lighting. Photo: Vault InteriorsCheck your furniture is winter-ready

The layout of your furniture can make a big difference in how comfortable your home is in the cooler months.

“Orient furniture in a way that maximises the heat from fireplaces or heaters,” Wilson says. “Because you won’t be opening doors or windows to the outside as much, you can place sofas, armchairs or consoles in front of these otherwise dead spaces. This may double your feeling of space as you wouldn’t normally opt for blocking access, and it will allow you to get creative and refresh your living and bedroom spaces.”

Colour can make your home a hibernating haven, too. “Adding warm-coloured tones to your decor is a great way to bring warmth to your interior,” Wilson says. “Select rich tones (such as copper, burnt orange, mustard and maroon), which are on trend and luxurious; these deep tones are great for winter styling and they can completely change the look of your interiors.”

Candles are a necessity for winter hibernation. Photo: Vault InteriorsTone down your lighting

While summer is all brightness and light, you want your home to be a little more toned down for winter.

“Soft lighting will help to make your home feel brighter in the cooler months,” Wilson says. “Table lamps and floor lamps are essential as the light is murkier and darker in winter than any season, so you will need the warm glow of a statement table lamp.”

And get your matches ready, because winter is candle season. A good candle will give you that cosy lighting that’s perfect for winter hibernation.

“Candles are essential in winter and will help you resist the urge to turn on every light in the house,” says Wilson. “Candles will also assist in masking damp or unpleasant smells that come with having a house shut up tight during bad weather.”

Invite the outside in with some plant life. Photo: Vault InteriorsInvite the outside world in

If you don’t want to go out (especially on dark, rainy evenings), ask others to come over to see you. Your friends might be happy to have an excuse to leave the house if they’re less inclined to hibernate.

“Make sure your home is conducive to socialising, so you can do more activities with others during the cold months,” Lishman says.

You can also bring a little of the outside in, which can help you feel less housebound. “Bring in fresh flowers, succulents or floor-standing plants,” Wilson says. “They will breathe life into your home, can assist in filtrating the air, and they look amazing.”

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How to spend the perfect Saturday in Redfern

There’s so much to do, see and eat in Redfern, which sits three kilometres south of the CBD between Surry Hills and Waterloo, that you might struggle fitting in all the good bits in a single day.
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It’s possible to bounce from Israeli baked eggs to contemporary art and vintage textiles to small-batch gelato in one fell swoop.

Here’s how to spend an ideal Saturday in the area. 9am: Breakfast at Kepos Street KitchenWhen winter is on the door there is nothing that says breakfast then a Moroccan lamb and pine nut cigars, watercress, poached eggs, goats cheese and vegemite tahini. #keposstreetkitchen #lamb #breakfast #goatscheese #vegemite #watercressA post shared by Keposstreetkitchen (@keposstreetkitchen) on May 30, 2017 at 3:26pm PDTIn props heaven #seasonalconceptsredfern #propsheaven #decor #dekoration #rekvisita #styling #stylist #interiordesign #sydney #redfern #exploresydney #prettycitysydney#swedesinozA post shared by ??se Decor | ??se Ulvtorp (@asedecor) on Sep 30, 2016 at 5:13pm PDTNOW ONLINE: Lillian O’Neil – Escape Velocity | at The Commercial | 11/03/17 – 08/04/17 image: installation view: Lillian O’Neil – Escape Velocity, 2017 | at The Commercial Gallery, Sydney showing Albatross (photo: Sofia Freeman/The Commercial) #lillianoneil #escapevelocity #albatross #collageA post shared by The Commercial (@thecommercial) on Mar 9, 2017 at 2:17pm [email protected]_annadeng perfectly colour coordinated with our Turkish Delight #tealatte. See you soon for tea. #tea #rabbitholetea #vegan #instateaA post shared by The Rabbit Hole Organic TeaBar (@rabbitholetea) on Mar 31, 2017 at 3:13pm PDTBRAT LYFA post shared by Scout’s Honour (@scouts_honour) on May 24, 2017 at 3:26pm PDTAfternoon delight … #DEAmoment @marblebasics @itsapublicholiday @uashmama_au #marbleplanter #palm #afternoondelightA post shared by Delicate Eye Area (@thedeastore) on May 19, 2015 at 10:27pm PDTAnother year older. Happy Birthday to us! If you want to get in on the action don’t forget to enter our birthday competition (see our post from last week with details). Thanks to everyone for making the last two years so wonderful. . @vanessa_levis_photography 30 May 2015. . #redfern #gelato #sorbetto #getinquick #cicconeandsonsA post shared by 195 Regent St Redfern (@cicconeandsons) on May 30, 2017 at 8:02pm PDTClassic Aussie GOLD @missconsunji wears @queenjustinevintage #KB #beer #coldgold #kidsbeer #aussiesofinstagram #beerstagram #tshirt #vintage #80s #sustainablefashion #classic #australia #queenjustinevintageA post shared by QUEEN JUSTINE VINTAGE (@queenjustinevintage) on Apr 6, 2017 at 1:42am PDTWe celebrate all our staff’s…er, lifestyle choices. May the fourth and love be with you! #nerd #trilogytriad A post shared by TheBeardedTit (@thebeardedtit) on May 3, 2017 at 11:39pm PDTSeafood broth with blue swimmer crab, pipis, muscles and prawns served with a side of Iggy’s bread #redferncontinentalA post shared by Redfern Continental (@redferncontinental) on Nov 11, 2016 at 5:40pm PSTAnd we’re off! @syd_comedy_fest ready for the next 4 weeks!A post shared by Giant Dwarf (@giantdwarfhq) on Apr 28, 2017 at 5:00am PDTThis story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Most polluted suburb records $1m sale as buyer demand grows

6 Millers Road, Brooklyn, sold for a fraction about $1 million last month.Brooklyn rents rise fastest in MelbourneOnce-grotty Glen Huntly now on the mapCan West Footscray keep its character?
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The small industrial suburb of Brooklyn has broken into the million dollar real estate bracket. It’s a long way from its pacy New York namesake, but things are on the up and up.

A two-bedroom home on a 780-square metre Millers Road block sold last month for $1,005,000, to make way for four townhouses. It’s a kick-along in a suburb that was sagging.

Selling agent Gus Anile from Hocking Stuart expects further growth in the coming months, with the introduction of the first-home buyer stamp duty exemption. Brooklyn, he expects, will be a go-to for buying beginners.

He says the average house price has been around $550,000 – $600,000 but he expects it will climb later this year. The official median house price currently sits at $600,000.

The suburb has had an outlaw reputation, putting the “wild” in the west. Crime and pollution have brought it attention. There’s a brothel on Geelong Road and it was in a Brooklyn backyard where Macchour Chaouk met his shooting death in 2010. Also making it sit near the bottom of the liveability list has been been a foul stench.

“It does have its challenges,” Hobsons Bay mayor Sandra Wilson explains, noting its proximity the freeway and industry. “But it’s a snug suburb with a strong sense of pride.”

A Brooklyn neighbourhood project began last year, with laneway street art off Federation Trail, a moonlight cinema and an off-leash dog park, designed to bring people together.

An industrial precinct used by more than 60 industries includes a quarry, landfill and abattoir. But overseeing authorities have now put in place a 20 year plan to make it a key, clean employment node for the west. The EPA has cracked down, issuing 27 pollution abatement notices. Roads have been sealed and strategies like wetting truck wheels used to stop the dust.

But those problems have also had the affect of keeping prices down, so with the dust somewhat settled, affordability is the leftover benefit. Anile says Spotswood is a similar distance from the CBD (10 kilometres) and average home prices there are higher, about $900,000.

A strong Polish community in Brooklyn is aging and being replaced by young buyers. But Mr Anile says there’s only ever a handful of homes for sale at a time.

A real estate stampede of sorts has already happened, with rents rising 37.7 per cent in the April quarter to $365 per week. That figure is now closer to $400. Investors are now seeing the benefit of rippling gentrification, ever pushing tenants away from the CBD.

Mr Anile lived in Cypress Avenue, Brooklyn, 10 years ago and says he never felt unsafe. He’s now bracing for a new financial year influx, agreeing the suburb makes a perfect stepping stone for those buying in to the market to build capital.

Brooklyn is looking less of a place to pass through and more of a destination of its own.

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Tom Hanks sells two Los Angeles homes for $23.5 million

Celebrity developer faces charges over Bel-Air mansionDevelopers using the power of celebrity to market apartments
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Hollywood actors Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have cast aside not one, but two, of their Los Angeles homes for more than $A23 million.

The producer, director and box-office star and his wife Wilson, also an actress and producer, have found a buyer for their Pacific Palisades homes almost a year after putting them on the market.

Public records show the two neighbouring houses – originally listed with a $US18 million ($A24 million) price tag – have sold for $A23.5 million, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The two-time Oscar winner and Wilson bought the two properties in separate off-market sales in 2001 and 2007 for a combined $US13.1 million.

The smaller of the two homes is a four-bedroom Spanish-style villa originally built in 1933, that has about 365 square metres of living space.

It features a library/den, sunken living room and a panelled dining room, offers panoramic canyon and mountain views and is surrounded by lawns and hedges.

Next door is the larger, flashier home – a seven-bedroom, 6.5-bathroom property which has a screening room, a pub and billiard room.

The house offers approximately 675 square metres of living space and was built in the English Traditional style in 1957.

While the couple have said goodbye to the two properties, they’ve still got a host of homes in the area, with Variety reporting they own at least five other multi-million-dollar homes in Pacific Palisades.

With Hanks alone having an estimated net worth of $US350 million, it’s unlikely they’ll need to sell them anytime soon.

The larger property has a screening room, bar and billiards room and seven bedrooms.Photo: Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

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